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Guided Transformation

Relationship guidance to self, others, teams, and mission. 

Full stack alignment enabling deep conviction. 



My background is interwoven with a journey through embodiment and biomedical technologies to traverse the culture. I transformed my gender and physiology in western medicine and studied the somatic and neurological experiences first hand. This also involved work in harm reduction and policy design through the anti-human trafficking committee in Baltimore City, homeless services policy and technology innovation, and consumer wearable devices for mental health and peak performance. 

Thereafter, I studied with ancient civilizations about the sacred sciences of cultivating body, mind, and relationships for optimal living in harmony with the true laws of our biosphere. 

Today I architect family office and institutional deployment strategies to build infrastructure to enable the coming generations to thrive, move about the planet, power their lives, and relate to our soil. 

I am actively leading teams through the Flow Genome Project and philanthropically supporting indigenous communities through electrification of villages and vehicles to protect their land projects in critical regions around the world. 

We cannot do this work alone. 

Consider this your invitation to align business value with planet, people, and profit. 
It is our role to design the incentives to drive human behavior forward. 

"The story of humanity is the story of trying to eat star light" - Jamie Wheel




Kodah Pipitone





Student of neuroscience, movement, and equanimity.


I am your Guide.


Background as founder, CEO, and/or partner in government technology, wearable technology, and private equity. Integrate Purpose, Profit, Planet, and People.

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