Rational Futurist - Dancer


Kodah believes we are here to steward Earth's relationship to our civilization designs. He connects conscious capital to transformative opportunities in frontier and exponential technology. 

Through years of inner development and corporate creativity, Kodah exists to ground multi-stakeholder visions into measurable strategic sequence. A background in organizational psychology and individual leadership development informs work in rational futurism and market timing. Kodah’s foundation is meta-ethics, world religions, and macro-economics through Fordham University, followed by international employment. Cooperatively owning two cafes, directing a transgender advocacy organization, and founding two technology corporations launched his career into investment advisory and fund management. 

Personal research centers within the science of consciousness, biotechnology, human augmentation, distributed civic and financial infrastructure, transportation technology, and psychedelic therapeutics. Broad literacy, a passion for learning, and high emotional intelligence position Kodah as a skilled facilitator and economic architect. 

He has fully transitioned his gender expression twice during his career leveraging modern biotechnology and ancient spiritual traditions. He believes the principles employed during this journey are valuable to the current stage of global cultural consciousness as we integrate increasing biologic authorship in how our relationships shape our societies and innovations. 

Kodah practices several wellbeing and biohacking modalities and enjoys reminding friends of the generative power of their words in the world. When not scaffolding intellectual creations, he is found dancing the five rhythms, walking a new city, and/or in meditative presence.