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I care about what you know.

Here is how I can help you: 

Peak performance and leadership training from the boardroom to the backcountry. Enrolling teams in bespoke corporate engagements to install FGP's operating system within your organizational culture.


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1 to 1 guidance in relationships to self, others, teams, and mission. We must make sense of each layer to enable conviction of being.

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Strategic Development Consultant

Connect conscious capital to frontier entrepreneurs through deep alignment and resonance. Extremely tactical and deeply vetted introductions.

Urth Capital Advisors

Fund of funds in Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. Former principal and founding team member. 

Emergent Intelligence

Firm and think tank designing and deploying infrastructure solutions to structure the our legacy. 

Suyana Technologies

Wearable device design firm concerned with ergonomic digital participation and IoT capable jewelry. Visioning at the intersection of heirloom fashion and frontier digital connectivity.

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