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Guidance Services

'The world is made of words

If we know the words we can make the world'

Words mean nothing unless they are congruent​

Too often we accept words and patterns from society that are not true, therefore not congruent.

I teach people how to wield language to uncover codes, frameworks, and beliefs created earlier in life that are in tension with their mission and being.

Now I am your guide.​


You do not need to wander the meaning-sphere alone. I invite you to work with me to make sense of these volatile, uncertain, complex, and adaptive times. 

This starts with relationships: 


To self

To others

Within teams


Along our mission

We must make sense of each layer to enable conviction of being

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My Story

I have invested my life in exploring and mapping the merits of ideologies, values, and technology.​

From journeys into politics, entrepreneurship, venture investing, and corporate partnerships, I have learned about the power of language in enrolling teams in shared incentives. ​

From journeys in ethics, activism, spirituality, biotechnology, and indigenous ceremonial initiations, I have learned about the power of language to generate our reality. 


I look forward to sharing time. 

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