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Dancing in Relationship

I love the female body and want to honor it in all of her divine technology and beingness.

As a straight male, my body does not respond to male sexual attention.

But i do like to submit fully into a sexual connection and lose myself into the flow of divine energy in sexuality. This often takes the shape of my body enacting the natural processes of male systems and generating and directing energy into the connection.

And i am a sensual energetic erotic blueprint.

With this, i heal and receive healing in sensuality,

and I value being a masculine male in the world socially.

I see these aspects of myself as very healthily expressed in my relationships and identity.

Awareness of both my erotic blueprint and my social role leads me to an opportunity to learn how to communicate this to women with whom I wish to connect.

Today, due to our culture’s norms, women are expecting me to be more sexually forward in dance containers.

I have had success in building resonance and strong trust. Thereafter, I intentionally initiate more and am centered to receive her authentic answer. If she is a yes, I then enter the emergence with her and create together what cannot be known prior. This is a vulnerable and co-creative process.

Together, I am following the sensory communication of her body and remaining rooted in my foundation, my legs, the centers of my feet, and my core.

From this root, I am the foundation of the dance and she can flow around me and flourish in her divine feminine flow. In fact, we both experience the masculine and feminine flow of our bodies through the shared conduit of the connection. I can meet her in her feminine, but only briefly will I flow above my foundation and leave the ground. And I will always be timed to land in balance.

I frame this as my flight being stable and enabling her to enter trance in movement. The state of transient hypofrontality, or subspace, is where our executive function lowers and we shift into a receptive state. I can also enter this state, however, I am skilled in meditation and self hypnosis, and have trained myself to stay present even in these states. This is accomplished by keeping the root of my being centered in a stable resting structure as the majority of my energy expands into formlessness. From here, this foundation serves not only me, but also her, and therefore the connection itself. I contribute the rooting and she contributes the expansiveness. This is a healthy relational flow in polarity.

I want others to have access to this way of being in relationship. The key prerequisite is to build inner rapport with the subconscious to trust ourselves to stay here as we expand. If we are too unfamiliar with these states, we can drop so deeply that we lose our center and then we are in the flow, untethered. Therefore, anyone in connection with us would also be untethered. Women can feel this and immediately lose the critical safety in the connection.

So then, we can train to dynamically submit into the flow, while also remaining rooted in the masculine polarity of structure and relationship.

I see a near future where men are brave enough to hold this distinction without triggering the male fragility complex around receiving. Because the source from which we are receiving is truly our higher selves; the emergent intelligence of our flow of truth. And what more sacred offering can we make to the feminine than to invite her into our very flow of life.

Now, when we men are in our masculine fire, heads banging with the drum beat and arms moving as though we are wielding weapons; it may be best to circle up with other brothers and ground that fire before projecting onto the feminine. Be mindful. Train for it all.

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