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My AI is Better than Yours!

Noticing how colleagues are attached to their prompts and answers with generative AI; as though their bot is somehow an extension of self. This is noteworthy as it indicates that we are now extending ego; and therefore attachment, defensiveness, and pride, to the answers we have sourced from our interactions with GPTs. Which means that we ‘could’ be on course to further silo into our AI feedback loops and away from actual interpersonal communication and deliberation. This would be catastrophic to sensemaking for many reasons; all rooted in loss of truth. 

What then to do? 

I suggest that we frame our AI answers as internal monologue; therefore only existent in so far as I/we can express these insights externally. This would look like not sharing the AI conversation I just had with chatGPT; rather, sharing the refined thinking that I developed in myself through this ‘internal dialogue’ with my AI agent. 

In this frame, we are in the room with one another. We are not forcing one another to enter our private GPT threads and ingest our private deliberation process. All of which ultimately anchors in respect. Said more directly, it is most respectful to meet others where we are. It is somewhat disrespectful to force others to earn our listening and participation through requiring them to read our ‘internal’ deliberation process with our GPT. 

What might such best practice look like? It would be more actual meetings, where we are present in discussion with other humans, discussing options and strategies together. 

Yes, I want to sit and use AI with you. But sitting in isolation with my AI is directly isolation, and therefore antithetical to connection. 

So I see this distinction as offering a choice in practice: use AI to seed more refined human interaction, or use AI to further isolate into our own thought chambers. 

And if anyone would like to have their AI consult with mine prior to meeting with me, make that offer as an addition to meeting with me as a human. 

Sounds simple, but actually requires the patience human connection has always required. 

Fortunately this is rooted in love and is the core reason for being alive and having the human experience.

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