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Line of Sight

When we notice we are atypically intense about a topic, this could be a clue to share the fruits of our adventures with others. 

For me, I have always been curious and contributory. This has lead me to figuring out what lies at the bottom of the rabbit hole and finding who is actually operating in these spaces with an integrated plan. In this good faith frame, I have found actual initiatives at the frontiers of aerospace, biotechnology, policy, and investment strategy that truly consider the objective frontiers of our civilization and are building to traverse beyond them. What this has shaped me into is a guide. 

I am making sense of and mapping these frontiers for others. Today, I guide people and teams through the meaning crisis, technology innovations, and personal development frameworks to upgrade the founders of our future. I have reached clarity on how I want to spend my time guiding and building alongside the architects of the future. 

Now, my goal is to launch courses on the below topic areas and continue researching and developing these offerings as the domains mature. In a sense, the process of launching courses outside of accredited institutions is a more rapid feedback loop for the memetic evolution of our culutre. As songs are composed and delivered as albums; they are later unbundled and rebundled into playlists on streaming platforms. Thereafter, they are again rebundled in concerts, set lists, and even new compositions. This accelerates the sound and spirit of a generation or genre more rapidly, than if music were constrained to the conservatory and only released at that cadence. So too with knowledge stacking; we must more rapidly and rigorously bundle and rebundle knowledge to match the requirements of a given time or industry. This will upskill participants more rapidly and ensure our communities maintain line of sight on how they can belong in a world evolving.

As I continue to connect partners, architect strategies, and coordinate stakeholders in these arenas, my consistent throughline is line of sight on the frontiers, economic strategy and forecasting, and policy innovations. These interests will continue to be most relevant in the meritocracy of enterprise. Wherein, I am a guide to founders, strategic partner, and/or advisor. At the very least, I am a fellow student offering course notes back from the rabbit hole to share his map with the world.

Which courses would you like to see first?

Ideally, I will teach one session per week live of each and record these for later evergreen offers on my site.

What other topics would people like to explore together?

Perhaps a world theologies, cosmologies, and ontologies adventure through the roots of spirituality and belief?

Perhaps a map of the dematerialization of devices from massive calculators to implantable biomedical labratories.

Identity and Reality:  

How we fragmented our communities in pursuit of more connection, and how we have always done similarly. 

-Roots of gender and biology

-Developmental psychology

-Indigenous ceremonies

-Eunuchs and honor/shame

-Biotechnology and transhumanism

-Spirituality and non-dualism regarding labels 

-Superiority complexes and dark triad personalities / frame control

-Ethics, shame, policy, values

-Ethical tribes, cults, and communities

-Children and families - optimism through actions, intergenerational connections and trust 

One to one coaching: ride shot gun, ask quesitons, share tools, hold accountability 



How the extension and acceleration of movement will embody our positions in the world. 

-Embodiment, movement, elements, anthropology

-Industrialization, imperialism, commercialization, globalism

-Extraction, innovation, “theory” on rising efficiency will increase consumption without rise in consciousness and culture

-Deep technology and spirituality related to culture - seeds of invention/innovation/research

-Consolidation of tools into jewelry, vehicles, roads, buildings - utilities of the future

-Global infrastructure, governance, specialization

-Macro-economic impact, geo-politics, war, trade, peace - cooling affects of autonomous global infrastructure. 

-Off world, cosmic citizenship, lifespan, civilization, star trek

-Markets and opportunities for influential impact 

-Discernment, purchasing decisions, lifestyle-sim (nomad, global citizen, householder)

Flow Tech: 

Tools to match state to task at all levels of our lives.


-Priming Practices, meditation, self hypnosis

-Workstations and movement

-Sun, heat, Ice, cold, transactions and transitions in state, attachment 

-Psychedelics, psychotrophics, nootropics, supplements - future of food and medecine 

-Sounds, frequencies, haptics, PEMFs, and the nervous system - relationships and insight, clarity 

-Rhythmic intelligence and personal development, output, relationships, focus, commitment 

-Context, mission, purpose, culture - pre ‘purpose’ and post ‘purpose’ culture, accountability 


Flow Research Collective

Flow Genome Project

Flow Consciousness Institute

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