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Technology and Integration

I am noticing that the acceleration of public awareness of frontier technology is challenging to many. Conversations revealing fear, anxiety, and outright resistance are too common through all of my social and professional circles. This technology anxiety is the core hurdle to rolling out already proven innovations that have the potential to positively impact the lives, logistics, and leisure of societies. In another framing, technology anxiety is the antithesis of progress.

For me, the truth lies in the integration. Yes, technology is often the materialization of mimetic evolution. And as our ideas evolve far faster than our material science, biology, and psychology, this can generate disconnection from coherence between thought and form. However, the patterns of nature can flow through these materializations, and so too can truth. Therefore, innovation and progress can exist within truth and as truth.

In fact, I believe we are capable of remembering far more advanced mathematics, linguistics, and physics than currently known. And through these disciplines, we can unlock more efficient and capable transportation, logistics, food, medical, housing, communications, education, archival, security, and entertainment technologies than we have today. Yet, unfortunately our education systems are not designed with this framework of exponential thinking embedded. Quite the opposite is true in most industrialized nations; the education methodologies prepare students to think critically and operate in structured schedules within an expectation of work vs life dualism. This security is rooted in the psyche and deviations become an unconscious threat. This threat is unconsciously protected against through avoiding cognitive awareness of the optimal expression of a technology disruption in favor of the most negative. In the most negative framing, innovation becomes the enemy, normalcy (especially industrial day to day time trading for currency, then for basic needs, with some remaining discretionary earnings) becomes the bedrock of security and the priority of defense.

I will state that again: we defend our familiar cage of industrial work life balance in the face of liberatory innovations due to fear of the unknown. Often the unknown can be deeply more comfortable than the familiar discomfort of current levels of technology.

In fairness, there are real risks to acceleration in innovation. Beyond policy makers having specifically low literacy to the domains they are tasked with legislating, unknown capabilities are inherent in experimentations in automated data science. Sufficiently intelligent systems can demonstrate and operationalize emergent patterns to inform strategic decisions far beyond the capabilities of human consciousness. Barring some structured praxis to operationalize intuitive senses and embodied cognition at scale, algorithmic pattern recognition and neural networks will outperform humanity along metrics of precision every time. Therefore scale will not be the domain of the human individual without some integration with these higher order structured intelligence systems.

Question: why are mystics and seeks so comfortable with submitting to intuition, divine guidance, and emergent senses; yet so fearful of integrating with known structured intelligence and neuromorphic hardware? What is the difference between neuralink and ‘channeling light beings’ from a psychological perspective?

Why do we trust ‘our guides’ and not our data sets?

I believe I have an answer: objectivity. The act of observing truth makes it real. And the scaling of observation transforms more potential into known reality. The Achilles heel of all attempts to scale the known is the dilution of the dataset itself. Herein lies another source for fear, which I often detect in my more spiritually inclined friends. The data is biased, manipulated, and demonstrably incorrect. Personally, I believe in objectivity and the ability to generate known knowns in our epistemology. For the relativists out there, I also understand that this is not a universally held perspective. However, I would offer that the validity in known knowledge can exist independent of the content of the dataset itself. Rather, we can anchor knowledge in the pattern of relationships and thereby deepen truth to the underlying geometric structures of the relationships between ideas. This then displaces the facts as characteristics, and replaces the facts as relationships and patterns.

Now, it may be easy to assume that I just opened the door to rampant subjectivity as long as the fantastical world of our dis-integrated psychonautic friends makes sense to them. But no, I am not delegitimizing the diagnostic advise of the DSM-5 regarding magical thinking. In fact, I am digging deeper into the topic itself by submitting that it is critical that the patterns of relationships that form an individual's ontology have merit only to the extent that they integrate with all other possible ontologies. Therefore, your cosmologies of myth and magic only carry merit as far as they integrate with the known relationships of my, and all other, experiences of knowledge. If the only method of integrating ones ontology into your own is through appealing to a mass consolidation of agency to drive an obscure agenda, I encourage you to reflect. Do you really believe the world is as organized and power as consolidated as would be necessary for such massive deception to be implemented? Could there be another, far simpler explanation. Perhaps more grounded in human imperfection and psychology?

I, and many other thinkers, would define this perspective as integrative metaphysics. And there are many points of compatibility between the most out there psycho-spiritual technologies and the most grounded material science known to human consciousness.

Now the more infinite our mindset, the more grounded our frameworks, and the more strategic our time investments; then the more fulfilling and connected our relationships to others can become. As is the foundation of our prosperity. All without appealing to either the grand evil conspiracy, nor the mystical elitist initiation to esoteric knowledge. Many conspiracies are in fact true, and there are deeper levels to esoteric sciences and direct experience than most are aware; yet the most distributed articulation of these truths in one where pieces of each overlap. Upon this common ground, we then scaffold the culture towards new levels of awareness and peace, regardless of industrial, cultural, and political volatilities.

In closing, no, AI innovation is not going to trap us in cages. Nor is 5G telecoms infrastructure. Yes, human ears miss much of the spectrum of sound and energy that is disrupted by our broadcast infrastructure; and yes we must be responsible for the additions of entropy introduced into our environments, but no, we are not doomed. We are here to integrate the will for progress with the ancient roots of our lives. We will make space for bees, birds, and other creatures to operate and we will strengthen digital connectivity infrastructure. We will deepen our spiritual practices and connection, and we will embrace real time collaboration of super intelligent systems. We will evolve our consciousness and our governance capabilities. There is no going back, the game is already on and we will continue to dance.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with technology anxiety, I am happy to schedule a discovery call. You can find an intake form under KorrTekk on my projects page. We all deserve dignity in the listening of others. We all have keys to contribute to the evolution of our societies. Let us join together in thought, belief, and action.

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