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I am Clearly an Optimistic Reformist

I enjoy deep conversations grounded in commercial drivers of culture and stewardship. In this framing, consciousness is a leading indicator of economic success. As we shape the alignment of culture towards the unfolding capacities of emergent consciousness, the future becomes the domain of the authors of culture, the leaders of influence, and the architects of corporate and social value. The meritocracy of intellectual constructions yields an authority recognized beyond credentials. Will our social structures capture the intellectual potential of our generation? Or will we loose the genius of the next chapter to entropy and the fragmented intellectual ecology?

Perhaps we first must earn the right to be heard through generating commercial or political capital? From here, those holding the weight of systems transfer trust and titrate the privilege of leadership to the successors.

(Image from Midjourney public showcase. "BigBrian_marble_statue_of_a_man_with_great_angel_wings_and_gold" Intention: honor the elders!)

With 80% of boomer founded businesses lacking succession plans, I encourage upcoming leaders to listen to the predecessors. To not be the smartest one in the room. To listen and observe the behavior of those who have built. And only after this, to contribute alterations in strategy.

Too much disruption, too early breaks generational integrity and fractures culture. Does the US congress trust FANG technology leaders? Both have glaring faults, and both can learn in mutual exchange. Why is there not more of a bridge? What would our culture look like if there was more of a bridge?

Does Wallstreet trust DeFi? Both are iterating from similar thesis of economic sovereignty and outpacing policy, while sealing up the possibility of pursuit by competitors. What would it look like if both generations collaborated more? Why are our upcoming leaders rebelling so hard against our 'parents?' Why are our predecessors so afraid of us?

I am clearly an optimistic reformist.


And I ground this in the belief that the game doesn't end, therefore the harmonizing of the rhythms of change has potential to elevate the game itself and uncover new aspects of our cultural potential that are just out of grasp due to immature conflict between generations. And simultaneously, the introduction of significant volatility during generational transfers of power can stagnate the coherence of the game itself; resulting in the rebounding to fragmented culture and segmented paradigms of consciousness. Each shard of our world populated by persons disconnected from the universal potential of our species. Each year another missed opportunity to touch a global divinity. The limiting factor being us, our ego, and our ability to integrate into the immersive realities of our culture, communities, conversations, and ultimately economies.




how much economic diversity is right for our planet?

What will a multi-planetary civilization require at it's core to sustain the logistics, governance, and economics of it's scale?

Said another way, what is holding us back as a species?

How can we shape the alignment of culture with the unfolding of emergent consciousness towards the realization of innate human potential?

(Image Midjourney by me. Intention: It's up to us to carry the conversation now!)

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