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Polarity, Technology, Humility

We are dwarfed by AI. Human consciousness has structured technologies of communication through words, mathematics, and measurements into massive data lakes of information. Now further technologies of organization and sense-making are cultivating these lakes to generate emergent pattern recognition, simulate trajectories, and provide strategic input in guiding human action.

We are tool makers. The only living organism that we know of, whom can experience moments of freedom over our biology and channel this into the cultivation of more tools to facilitate and pattern relationships.

In the face of these tools, what then is the positionality of a man?

What does it mean to be masculine, when decision making, discernment, and execution are better managed by these systems? And further, when female embodied cognition is more sensate in navigating the unknown?

As more men turn inward to reflect and cultivate inner awareness; we shift to being, and away from doing. This is a feminine shift in the dualism of action and being. Where then do we differentiate from the feminine in relationship to preserve the existence of polarity and thereby the structure of relationship?

Without relationship, the human experience is incomplete. Without one to one intimate relationship, we can only see the biases of our attention. How then can we take position in polarity and form relationship to others, when the traditional foundations of these relationships are disrupted by technological advances more every day. And more acutely, when these disruptions render the masculine embodiment demonstrated through our elders, fathers, and grandfathers increasingly mismatched to the executive roles needed for current technological advances.

I believe the answer is found in cultivating the ability to be in the unknown. To not know the sequence of events in the near future. And, nonetheless, to lead in that darkness. We fortify our rudder as we float down the deep waters, avoid the rocks, and center our path through the known rapids and unknown, invisible obstructions capable of sinking our ship.

To take the metaphor further, the flow of cultural attention is a river. And those who capture and direct this attention accumulate currency. Banks regulate the sides of the river. And ships (corporations, organizations, institutions) float atop these currents and navigate the rapids in service of all passengers. When a ship reaches harbor, the manifest reveals what is birthed into the culture.

So now, we get to decide and commit to our role on the ship. Will we create the ship, navigate its course, manage team morale, advise when to seek harbor, or relate to other ships and form larger entities together; perhaps even fleets of mission aligned ships?

To cultivate our rudders, we can instal cultural operating systems within our ships to ensure things operate smoothly. We can practice modalities of group coherence and flow to ensure we all are continuously choosing to contribute to our mission together and experiencing reciprocity from the ships culture. And we can listen. Listen to the water, the aquatic ecosystem of diverse life, the stars, and the weather. Such that we can prepare for coming storms, form alliances with allied life to detect invisible opportunities and threats, and be in reverence to the unknown macro influences of our nautical journey.

I have built technology companies, investment syndicates, and cooperative businesses. Each required unique governance modalities and enrollment of participants. And each encountered unique ‘rapids’ during the journey to delivering the mission to those awaiting us at the harbor.

Now I am in the business of training new captains to enroll crews and navigate the open seas. And this process is deeply internal. Working with me requires self motivation on the inner journey and deep commitment beyond the bottom line. Ships do not float without solid economics. Nor do they endure hardship without transformational culture.

My background extends through personal experience transforming my social role between feminine communication and egalitarian governance structures, and masculine hierarchies and discipline. The lessons learned in each of these containers are fuel to generate together new paradigms in how we relate to one another around shared missions into the unknown.

The masculine, when equipped with disciplines of inner security and discernment, is a critical role in the strucutres of our organizations, communities, and families. I am here to serve men and women in structuring and training their unique existence within these evolving landscapes, with respect to the ancient and sacred polarities from which we all stem.

Together, I see a new role for men in particular to step into the unknown with inspired trust of their teams, and build the infrastructure for our descendants to navigate successfully and with ease. Let us face the unknown as brothers together. Honoring the invested trust of our teams as we navigate this ever flowing culture.

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