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"The Journey to Connecting Consciousness: My Adventures in India and Beyond"

AI summary: The speaker recounts their journey to India and Dubai, where they attended a conference, met with a wealthy and connected consciousness researcher, and became a student of private equity funds in the Middle East. They learned about wealth, survival, and the spiritual practices that help people thrive. The speaker is also involved in real estate, and is working to align civilization with mystical technologies and spiritual truth. They see themselves as an ambassador for the future and a member of a global community that is growing in the digital realm.

Audio recording:

(image generated on midjourney via this prompt: a world where prosperity and joy flow through all life, humanity is evolved to our full potential, and we manifest the beautiful truths of our being


00:00 The story of India.

I departed for India without knowing it.

Lined up to attend an industry psychedelic venture capital conference in New York, I'm awake at midnight, preparing to travel to New York at 4 am via train.

And from China I receive a phone call saying tonight, you have to fly to Dubai. There's someone you have to meet. Now had this been just anyone, I wouldn't have acquiesced to that request, but this was my friend and mentor, "prof X"; that's a code name. He is a renowned consciousness researcher out of Hong Kong, super connector networking through the World Economic Forum and close to the Founding of TED. He knows just about everybody and his mission is altruistic to connect genius to one another to facilitate the evolution of consciousness through us all.01:10 So I said "yes I can do it, but I'm going to New York in three hours!" So then I had to come back to Baltimore to pack for Dubai. Packing for NYC spring is very different than Dubai's desert climate. You said you wanted to step into the unknown, reminded Gino.

So I woke up at four, went to New York, to the conference.01:27 Did a whole adventure in the summit series community met a lot of amazing people, and came right back to Baltimore. In twenty minutes, I dropped my bag, emptied and repacked my bag, and then went to the airport. I fly to Dubai immediately. Upon arrival at the airport. I was met by a driver and a Mercedes; this same driver and various Bentley's would chauffeur my travels throughout my stay in the desert futurist city. 01:48

And immediately I meet with the man I'm supposed to meet. Silence ensues. Eye contact, energetic regulation. And without saying it, I passed the test. The handshake was good. Handshake eye contact. Heart contact. Deep presence.

So then I became a student learning about his ecosystem of private equity funds throughout the Middle East. Bits and pieces of larger components of infrastructure and wealth containers involving a global trust aggregating heritage real estate, palaces, temples, and castles that will be available to those who are in the trust after his death, he's been described as slippery by those who meet him without appropriate context and who haven't done the work to be in his presence. He is very close with his presence. Keeping it guarded.02:49

I learned much there after about two months, in Dubai studying the ways of wealth and how to survive in the climate waiting outside of a villa, your driver leaves you there. If they don't let you in the villa, they don't answer their phone, it's 120 degrees. Your phone overheats. I need to find shelter, sweaty meeting people for the first time. It's all a very interesting dance. Dubai holds a number of tests, a lot of evolution, a lot of time alone, being alone with my addictions, rapeh prayers, hormones, survival, while others enjoy luxory and private transport, abundance and comfort.

We got on the plane from Dubai to India to tour the portfolio of real estate assets there through a hotel group and facilitate the restructuring of that portfolio and the activation of the operating company via transformational event series for their ultra high net worth clients. The mystic school was gaining structure. Gaining land and still is. 04:25

I was sent out to enroll others in the vision and brings some commerce to the funds. The jury is still out on my performance in that role. But here I am preparing for my sundance. The year two and I'm still here. I just completed the dojo of men's work to be initiated into a men's dojo in Los Angeles.04:52

We practiced discipline together and don't dispense them. I have solved my finances with opportunities and remotes sales, and humbling opportunities, grind and dial, but I can sit on this meditation cushion. I can pray with my rapeh and I can connect with others in service of the broader mission to connect others to divine truth which each of us carries.05:25

And I speak this story to give context to why I have videos of majestic palaces why I have access to databases of lab verified mystics who can replicably access non-ordinary states of consciousness and induce these states transpersonally in others. I share this all as context for what I'm up to

Aligning Aliveness with civilization

informing the design of structures and systems that inform our culture,

if you had spoken to someone like me a hundred years ago and we didn't have digital infrastructure, connecting our words across space. I would have been relegated to a monastery, celibate or renunciate, I would have been hard to reach and dealing in only in the true underpinnings of the spirit.06:36

Moving through bodies.

But as it is, today, I'm connected to you via this audio recording and I'm in the community. I'm in the market and I'm in action. So when I talk to you for a sales call to connect you, with your flow with neuroscience backed peak performance. Or when I connect with you to sell a carbon neutral, supply chain around the first ever truly regenerative vehicles. We are allies and in speech know that I'm also an ambassador of the future, the future mystical technologies, the lineage of the global community.07:31

But lineage will be a part from where we are indigenous to, or we are indigenous to this meta verse of online digital identity--physiology and profile intersecting across the future of place-agnostic truth.07:55

The foods we eat, how we grow them, cultivate them, prepare them in reciprocity with our immediate ecosystems informed the ceremonial technologies of the past; what now will inform the ceremonial technologies of our global culture? As a global citizen, a digital nomad we are in need of new language.08:27

A cyber shamanic culture of the digital era. Within our new sphere of stabilized technical infrastructure, encrypting communication and distributing access to databases of recorded genius. So now we each can facilitate our own, and navigate our own, healing journey. And in that healing, we can find our truth, integrate it into our lives and our words, and speak it to millions, it's an honor to record this.09:07

It's an honor to speak to you. It's an honor to be present with you asynchronously. And one day, we may be in the same place and we have that eye contact and heart contact energetic regulation that I once had in Dubai. And I still have, we each carry light.09:40

And when I look at you, I see that light in you and do that quantum, observer effect, the spin of your molecular composition adheres to the truth. The observation that we are all here. Now. And I exist for one purpose: to align humanity with aliveness.

We may be conduits to divine truth to every day of our lives.10:13

You can find me online at 10:23 How may I be of service?

big love to you all

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