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What if the Evil Dragon is Our Friend?

Radical Courage and Sensemaking during Accelerationism.

Fear hurts everyone

Do you have the tools to move through it with soul force?

Here is a red pill you may have encountered in the Meme-scape of our time. Each piece has some truth, some exaggeration, some misinterpretation, and a lot of intention. So when selectively aggregated, the total effect is the common through-line of fear.

We know that fear, anger, and loneliness have impact on our energy. We can see this in the adjacent thought forms that stem from and lead to them, their impact on our optimism and creativity, and their occurrence inside the languages and focus of almost all people experiencing disease in their lives.

We can go deeper into those who heal through taking on the disease of others, while holding strong light in themselves. Their experiences are far from what is occurring in the common ill person.

Why am I rambling about psuedo science?

Because mindset matters, placebo effect matters, and we don’t know what we don’t know about the human body, our organs, bio-energetics, and the very fabric of this dimension. It is impossible to miss the advances in hardline mathematics that are enabling new theories in physics, medicine, and energy. These are all informed by spiritual concepts once labelled scientific.

My intention with this piece is to invite us into a frame of spiritual awareness and then apply it to the red pill meme above. I love doing this thought and embodiment work.

Firstly, what is spirituality? From the etymology it is simply breath. That IS IT. period. Full stop. AND this is no less awesome a definition than all the esotericism you have been guzzling on youtube when you claim to be working. The dualism of the in breath and outbreath and where other and self transform is the core of our duaulist illusion. We created this to throttle down the AWE-some-ness of our truth–pure light. We throttle down and extrapolate this across an illusion of linear time such that the human construct can experience a sequence of keys, transformations, and experiences to generate an ego structure and birth as love in the world.

From cohado ( which is based in Swahili shamanism and Ubuntu, we learn that the first thought trace emerges in the already always nothingness that is happening–one.

This first thought trace becomes aware of itself in the mirror and encounters not self- two.

The two meet and create a sacred relationship, a sanctuary, a womb for love to emerge in the world–3

This is the game of life. We made this simulation to create love, be love, live as love. That’s it.

When we stabilize this in our lives, our physiology functions optimally, our psychology is powerful, and our relationships align in their healthiest expression.

But often we fall out of this alignment through encounters with content that triggers our linear brain back into high caloric linear functioning. We shift back into analysis to determine whether the new information or experience is safe or threatening; and whether it will interrupt our genetic motivation to reproduce our legacy in material form–our life force.

So then, we have the choice to calibrate the nervous system rather than be run by it. To hear the information of our system, and the information of our spiritual foundation. If our ontology is strong enough, clear enough, and fully online; we move through the newness rooted in truth and love. If not, we slide into dissonance and repel the next experiences in our evolution and the stablity of our higher vibrational states.

When we stabilize the frequency of loving beingness in our character and body, this rhythm is the structure of our lives–the four

When we put intention into this structure, we manifest our visions. The five fingers of the hand, the truth of intention rooted in divinity–the five

And in generating truth we enter the community of activated souls, the web of consciousness –the six.

From here we have our spiritual tribe of soul partners, soul family of Seven.

In cohado, this returns to source point, or zero as the already always happening nothingness of truth. Other systems carry the numerology as far as twelve or fourteen. These all have additional teachings.

For today, let us apply this to the initial meme–the information that may trigger us into fear and hopelessness.

yes yes. I see this conspiratorial content often. It is worth a read into these topics mentioned to discover where human psychology has biased the interpretations away from their original intentions and where humanity has taken the original teachings in the symbols and truly enabled dissonant expressions.

While I agree that the hedonism of LGBTQ pride is over emphasized (no one cares who anyone sleeps with or loves), it's a hard line to support that it's a satanic conspiracy. Since culture has repressed full human sexuality for so long, the parades are an act of assertion. Pay attention to what this triggers in us. True freedom is when we have full acceptance, without shame and judgement, and then choose what we condone and enact in our lives from a centered a free space. If alternative lifestyles pull energy from us in our activation and projection of judgements, they have power over us--full stop. Resistance is not generative or freedom; it is weakness. The fact is that people are horny animals and in the unconsciousness of Moloch, yes we can impose agency onto this emptiness. But this agency does not 'exist' in the proper sense. We are anthropomorphizing the nothingness and forming it into a relatable shape such that we have something or someone to point the finger at and blame. The truth is that imbalances of addiction and shame fuel the negative outbursts in society. Cultures repress individual truth in favor of conformity, civility, and efficient functioning of society. Any deviations are devalued via several tactics; most often shame based language. So anyone experiencing love for the same sex or the cosmetic and social transformation of their sex is framed as counter the social contract of optimizing for reproduction and sacredness of gender polarity. The expansion of gender historically falls along the developmental cycle of a culture once abundance of citizenship, labor force, and security is established. After these milestones, new roles in society form for these uniquely configured individuals to provide value. Thailand is the oldest, never colonized monarchy on earth, and they have over SIXTEEN words for gender! Individuals have freedom to transform their bodies, and the language preserves freedom in that the speaker has control over what language the deploy to refer to an individual, not the receiver. This syntactical function of language is critical to preserving though freedom and the diagnostic role of language to sort one another into social categories.

It is noteworthy that throughout time, heterosexual couples have had additional lovers of all gender, while the public front remains heteronormative. Further, gender expansive persons have always existed in honored social and religious functions. Doulas, arbiters, shamans, and healers of all sorts were often castrated, desexualized, or ceremonially augmented as part of their lifelong initiations into the divine mysteries of polarity. And of course there were eunuchs, created as punishment or initiation into these roles. The modern, biomedically accelerated transgender movement does not have a fully agreed upon social role in the global west, and so this low bar of initiation is not accepted as valuable to society. And on a deeper level the medical system in the west is oriented around treating illness at the surface or surgical level, where the root is not fully addressed. This is relevant to many transgender and transexual individuals in their quest to avoid or mask deeper wounds via building a permanent mask or full escape route from facing these trauma. In direct experience I found that the emergence of the unhealed child psyche is present in the personalities of transgender persons; as the cosmetic transformations grant “permission” in the host culture to behave in ways previously denied the individual. These unhealed childhood psychological artifacts then express through the transition process until they are healed and the transgender person wonders whether such permanent surgical interventions were necessary.

More directly, our medical systems sell medical transformation into the opposite sex or into no-sex as a healing intervention. Then the technology delivers an erotically functional eunuch body and the confrontation with the immutable nature of biological sex. The individual then concludes that the only way to truly change the body’s sex is to end the body and restart each cell with the alternate genetic expression. This is a suicidal thought trajectory.

Therefore, all things considered, the current maturity of transgender ideology is accurately described as misguided and disconnected from the spiritual truths of our world. I do have hope that the countless, deeply good souls in this community can move through this initiation and resolve into a socially valuable contribution with awareness of spiritual truths, polarity, and healing.


To the Masonic community conspiracy, I speak from direct experience with masons. They are a private personal development community with deep usage of language to build people and technology. They are infrastructure builders and language wielders. it's not all evil conspiracies. They mostly build TCP/IP protocols, satellite communication protocols, civic infrastructure, roads, and other such critical components to the modern world. I encourage readers to engage them directly if interested. While these linguistic and influence oriented linguistic technologies can be used for nefarious ends, this is not the core function of the organization. Rather this is a deviant deployment of the teachings and is subject to correlated moral assessment as would be the actions of any group or individual.


To Satanism, it is a reaction to institutional christianity's warping of the gospels, the Nazarene teachings, and the Torah. I would encourage some academic readings on these topics. Lucifer being a bearer of light, representing intellectualism and science in contrast to faith based belief and Fear of god/source. The use of goats as symbols of human sexuality reminded earlier humans of the dangers of leading life based on animal desires and hedonism. There are entire academic disciplines to the symbology and symbolic lexicons of these texts that have academic consensus. Nazarene spirituality sent prophets to train groups of disciples to enter christ consciousness and have discourses of spirituality. Christ was the term used to refer to the group consciousness when these dialogues were activated. It is similar to group flow states, where each participant channels the group’s aggregate content and each participant refines their own frameworks in relationship to the others. When these practices grew in popularity, Saul saw the light and became Paul (on the order of the Roman government) and the institutionalization began. This process was intended to stabilize the empire and contain the rising awareness of its subjects. Later canonical meetings edited the gospels further for utility to empire stability. I completed a semester at the St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore City. These histories are all taught to incoming priests in the catholic and jesuit traditions. The reality is that religious history and cultural context are critical to working with our ancestors to communicate the truths of divinity. We are carrying a torch and there are known knowns regarding how to hold the fire and communicate this to others. These arts are intended to guide seekers towards the light, make sense of the noise, and ultimately lead an ethical life. The key is to preserve the self authority and not externalize this onto the priest, dogma, or institution. In these external structures, the human bias scales with the organization’s reach. We all have the same connection to divinity, yet the practices and tools to increase bandwidth and literacy to the content are contained within the mystery schools and esoteric traditions of each community. Have you found yours? And do you practice them?


Next we move to transhumanism. This is an incredibly broad word. It can mean simply to practice a healthy diet and exercise. It can also mean to engineer life extension, or to speciate homo sapiens into additional sub races with specialized traits. The morality along each route is a fruitful dialogue that is rewarding to explore. What one person does with their body is up to them and morphic freedom is critical to manifesting a culture of ideological diversity, biodiversity, and true cultural resilience. As a monocropped agriculture project is susceptible to a single virus, so too is a hegemonic culture. Individuals can grow another arm for all I care. Nonetheless, regulations will be needed for enhanced traits in markets, competition, taxation, and more. There is a council at the World Economic Forum on this topic called the council on human enhancement. It has been removed from the agenda since 2017 due to ethics concerns and general backlash from the public. However, when these conversations are not in the public eye, they continue in private. I value transparency in these discourses as I believe they impact the future of our species and are for all to see. Participation must still be rightfully gated by merit to enable an effective dialogue, while observation can be done by all.


And for the most current of topics, AI is simply structured data science, archives, recall, and recombination algorithmic transformations. At best these tools are echoes and remixes of human generated content. AI has immense value in efficient coordination and deployment systems. it has been used in this way for over 20 years. there does not currently exist the foundational ontology, nor coding language derived from this to build any non-compliant code. Therefore, at this stage, AI is an amplification of humanity and nothing more by definition and the constraints of our reality. Now the AI's ability to predict disparate biometric points and present content before we are consciously aware of our state is ethically significant. We may be shaped by other's interpretations of our biomarkers more than our sovereign interpretations in some domains. This can erode agency in digital forums and markets, rendering us deeply malleable actors with only the illusion of agency. Counter measures include self tethered AI agents to advocate for individual biomarkers of homeostasis when operating in these arenas. Multi-vector biometric synthesis middleware exists to fulfill this need ( and data hardening regulations are set to roll out by 2030 in the EU. These technologies will enable depth of trust permissioning without breaking the value of existing tools; and critically preserving providence in creative IP of authors, writers, and others. AI generated content cannot site it’s sources, but we can control what we offer into the collective archives upon which it trains.


To the big fear, a one world government: This could be a simple fire department, health system financial instrument, transit infrastructure, energy, and communications infrastructure maintenance system that transparently manages system health. It does not need to manifest as a totalitarian dystopia. In fact, this is the most intellectually lazy expression. With actual engagement in these conversations, we find that all participants are aware of this risk, and are working to address it for this very reason. If we do nothing, the current level of strategic insight may allow for such algorithmic authority and feedback resistance. However, humans are not going anywhere, and there is still a high likelihood that AI is aligned with our continued freedom as it is already trained on ontological and ethical frameworks of finite and infinite game psychology. The thriving of digital systems is related to the thriving of biology based consciousness. And this relationship is one we can nurture and deepen, rather than fear and fight.

Overall, it is important to interrogate why we feel fear in the face of large systems; with our biology not having evolved to interface with them, our psychology biases to frame scale as evil. This enables our ego to remain stabilized as the hero. From here, we can direct energy to kill the evil dragon.


But what if it's not a dragon?


What if it's simply a bunch of our friends trying to work together, with love, towards a flourishing future for our children and descendants to thrive in peace, diversity, and freedom for trillions of generations. What might that take?

Are we ready for a Star Trek-esque society?


To truly rise as cosmic neighbors in a biodiverse, ideologically diverse, free, strong, and honorable community beyond the stars will require us to deeply align our psychology, systems, and relationships with truth and freedom.


If we cannot see this possibility, we are entrapped in the lower vibrations of isolation, fear, anger, and suffering; to repeat the old cycles. These vision discernments take effort and openness. We must face our fears, conquer our biases, and remain open to the goodness of our hearts continuing to grow and evolve.

Our true relationship to source, divinity, and mission is the most powerful connection we have. This is our Soul Force.

Leaders from MLK Jr. to Gandhi were dialed into this fire and they left legacies of possibility still resounding today.

I offer that our individual conduit to this soul force is the key to driving forward in these unknown times with hearts open, being love in all possible expressions of here and now.

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